Why do you need support?

How much time do you spend in your business fighting issues with your computers and network? A lot of small business have a guy (or girl) who knows enough about computers to fix the occasional problem, or make purchasing decisions, and manage things for their colleagues. But is that really the best use of their time? If they’re the MD, which they often are, that complicates things even more, because their time is usually highly valuable, and IT isn’t their main skill; they have things to be doing that actually make you money.

Let ISCAdigital help!

With ISCAdigital, you have a few options:

  • Ad hoc: you pay us to solve problems, maintain systems, or implement new solutions, at our standard hourly rates and callout fees. These can be paid on an individual basis, or accrued, with a bill sent at the end of each month for services rendered.
  • Remote: you’ll pay us a fixed monthly fee that covers phone support for your organisation, plus no callout fee! (you still pay full price for time we spend on-site)
  • Remote Monitoring: the same as remote, only for a bit extra we install a program on each of your computers that runs in the background, and allows us to watch out for potential problems before they become noticeable, and resolve them, or user-reported issues without interfering with your work.
  • On-site support: We include remote support as well, and will also allow a number of free on-site visits every month should they be necessary.

For all options other than Ad hoc, we provide free off-site labour, so if you bring a supported computer in to our shop for repair or other work, we’ll do it here and only charge for parts.

Unfortunately we can’t give prices, as every business is different, and some will have much more complex needs than others.

We can’t do everything ourselves, so we partner with people who we think can help our customers. Current services we do not offer, but may fall under the IT umbrella:

  • Broadband connections – We can liaise with your ISP, and we can fix faults within your network, but we aren’t an ISP ourselves.
  • Complex cabling – We’re not certified electricians. We can make plans and buy the cable, but if you need anything more drastic than cables stapled or taped to the walls and floor, we’ll need to subcontract an electrician.