Broken computer? Slow, full of viruses? Cracked the screen? Does it just not turn on? Why not give us a call or drop in, and we can quote you for a repair! We primarily deal with in-store collection (open 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday), but if you are unable to come in we can offer a country-wide collect & return service via UPS for £32.

Unlike some companies we do not charge to tell you what’s wrong. When you come in with your faulty equipment we’ll take your details and once we’ve determined the problem, we’ll call you back and tell you what the problem is and what we charge to put it right. If we can’t do it, or you decide not to go ahead with the repair, you can take it away at absolutely no cost!

Some of our successful repairs include:

  • Virus and Malware Removal – £45
  • Hard drive Replacement/Upgrade – £70 + parts. Includes full data migration if possible.
  • Memory Replacement/Upgrade – £29 + parts
  • Fan Replacement – £45 + parts
  • Screen Replacement – £70/45 + parts
  • Laptop Battery or Charger Replacement – parts only! – £45 for internal batteries
  • Wifi issues – £variable, depends on specific issues.
  • Laptop Keyboard or trackpad malfunction – £45 + parts for keyboard, £70 + parts for trackpad
  • Data Recovery – £70 for a working or semi-working drive. For non-working drives we refer people to a specialist facility.
  • Motherboard failure – £200 and we’ll send it to a specialist facility. Turnaround times are typically 14 working days. 

Our repairs usually take 1-5 days depending on parts and workload, and can be paid for on completion (for part values less than £75). Should a repair be unsuccessful, there will be no charge unless otherwise agreed.

Please note the prices of parts can be highly variable, especially for non-standard components, and in some instances parts are completely unavailable. In such instances we will do our best to source a part, but if no such part exists we will not be able to proceed with the repair.

Contact us or see our quick check-in page for a quote today!