Our Products

If you are looking for IT equipment or accessories, ISCAdigital can assist! We offer a range of refurbished computers, and can source multiple other accessories dependent on your requirements. We can also build custom PCs for customers who have more specific needs, such as gaming, video editing, or design work.

Refurbished Computers

We aim to have a selection on refurbished computers on offer, so it’s always worth checking our Rufurbished Computers page, or giving us a call to discuss.

All of our refurbished computers come with a 3 month warranty, and have a clean install of either Windows 10, Windows 11 or macOS (dependant on model).

Parts and Accessories

We generally do not keep stock of items such as replacement laptop chargers, replacement batteries, external storage (USB sticks and Portable Hard Drives) etc, as we will order these in based on the specific needs of the customer. Get in touch, or visit our shop for specific pricing information.

Custom PCs

If you’re looking for a custom built PC to meet specific requirements, ISCAdigital can assist.

Whether it’s a gaming PC, or a high end set-up for music or video production, custom-builds are a good choice. They can be configured to your needs and budget, and allow for additional upgrades and customisation at a later stage too.

For more information please get in touch.

Do you own a business? Let us help! We can organize, deliver, and install all your equipment at an affordable rate, and provide customer support to ensure your business never has to worry about computer issues! Please see our business support page for details.