Everything nowadays is cloud – but do you know where your business data is, and what ‘cloud’ actually means?

We see cloud services a lot, and while in a lot of cases they’re a huge step forward, you need to make sure they’re chosen and configured appropriately. One of the biggest appeals is the ability to work anywhere, but that also means they can be accessed from anywhere – and thus they need further protection than simply a password. You also need to know where the data is stored – while it’s not against GDPR to store data outside of the EU, you need to be aware of where it is stored, and storing data in the UK, or at least EU, is preferable from both security and performance standpoints than in, for instance, the US.

Some cloud services are also more suited than others – we recommend Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for email and file sharing for almost all organisations, and provide management services so you don’t need to think about it. For other services we can help guide you on what best suits your business, and what you should avoid or take a closer look at.