Your network can be the core of your business – it doesn’t just connect your computers to the internet; it connects them to each other, it lets you access Wi-Fi anywhere in your building(s), it can tie your security cameras and devices together, lets you print from wherever you need to, and keeps your data available. A properly configured network lets your business flow without interruption. A poorly configured network can cause hair to be torn out every time the printer goes missing from the network, or a mapped drive is no longer available. Or you just can’t get on Facebook during lunchtime (or can when you’re supposed to be working!)

We can set everything up as you need it – ensuring you have adequate sets of switches, routers, access points, that your printers, servers, NAS boxes, and other things are connected reliably, and that your computers are all up and running as they should be. If you need us to liaise with your ISP on broadband issues, we can do that too, though we don’t ourselves offer a broadband service.

If you have a particularly large network, you might also need a hardware firewall to protect your network from unwanted intruders – for smaller networks protection on individual computers is fine, but under larger loads a first line of defence is essential – and we can provide that too!

We can also set up VPNs for remote users to log in to the network, a NAS for computers to back up to and work off of, and we can set up monitoring so we can fix any issues that might arise. If you have an active directory that all your computers work off of, we can make sure it’s configured, updated, and maintained to the required standards.