icon-personalISCAdigital provides a wide array of IT services for home users, with the primary focus on making sure you can use your computer as you’d like.

  • We provide Support, for if you have a few questions you’d like answering, or a problem or point of confusion we can help with.
  • We can help you to ensure your Backups are up to date, comprehensive, and useable, and if you’re on the road a lot, that your data can’t be trivially accessed.
  • We offer repair services – our primary service, we’ll get your computer back and working again whether it be slow, virus riddled, not turning on, or have a damaged screen or dying hard drive. If it’s fixable in a cost effective manner, we’ll diagnose it for free and quote you on how much we can repair it for.
  • We can perform some Data recovery should the worst happen – current backups make this a non-issue, but if you have a drive that absolutely needs the data recovered, we can attempt recovery, or point you to a specialist if it’s beyond our expertise.
  • We can sell hardware or software – if you’re in the market for a new PC or laptop, why not come through us?
    • should a problem occur.
    • We set up Security, so that you’re protected from most viruses and malware threats

    While we will be more expensive than buying online, since we’re only a small shop, you have the security of knowing where we are, and knowing that we care. If you need any help with your new computer, we’ll be here to help. If something goes wrong, we’ll be here to help. We’ll set it up for you as you want it before you pick it up – there’s no need to worry about having to install anything, or uninstall the rubbish manufacturers bundle with windows that cause it to slow down. We clear that off before you even see it.

  • We can help with internet issues. Are you unable to connect to the internet at all? Did you lose the ability to print, or receive or send emails? Give us a call and we can come out, or log in remotely and assist.